Alibaba’s infra upgrades facilitate online purchases

Chinese technology company Alibaba Group reported that its system handled all the transactions during the 11.11 shopping festival this year with no glitches

Alibaba Group attributed the zero-downtime operation during the largest online shopping event to its infrastructure upgrade of Alibaba Cloud, its digital technology and intelligence backbone.

In a virtual briefing with Manila-based media Thursday, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Database Business president Li Feifei said this year’s 11.11 festival posted the highest number of peak orders at 583,000 transactions per second, just 26 seconds after it began at midnight of Nov. 11.

This is the highest number of transactions per second since it started the 11.11 shopping festival in 2009.

The data handled by Alibaba Cloud at that day reached 7.7 trillion lines of real-time data, or equivalent to 15 times of the UK Web Archive at British Library.

Alibaba Cloud said its proprietary data warehousing platform called MaxCompute handled an average of 1.7 exabytes (one exabyte is equal to one billion gigabytes) of data per day during the 11-day festival from Nov. 1 to 11.

This data is equivalent to processing 230 high-resolution photos of each of the world’s population of 7 billion people.

“Alibaba’s real-time computing platform, powered by Apache Flink, processed data streams totaling 4 billion items per second during peak time, a considerable surge from 2.5 billion last year,” the technology firm added.

Li said Alibaba Cloud has been at the forefront of cloud database product offerings for many years.

Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Philippines country manager Allan Guo said although they do not have the breakdown on Philippine-specific data, Alibaba Group’s global sales this year’s 11.11 festival reached USD74.1billion (PHP3.58 trillion), a 26-percent increase from last year. (PNA)

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