• PSEi up 3.54% on positive news

    by: Ed Paolo Salting, Manila Times

    source: https://media-meter.net/mm-client/read/eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJjbGllbnRfbWVkaWFfeHJlZi0tLWNsaV9pZCI6NjUzNywidXNyX2lkIjoiMCIsImNvdW50cnktLS1jbnRfaWQiOlsiMSJdLCJwdWJfZGF0ZV9zdGFydCI6IjIwMjItMTAtMDUgMDA6MDA6MDAiLCJwdWJfZGF0ZV9lbmQiOiIyMDIyLTEwLTA1IDIzOjU5OjU5IiwiaWQiOiIxMDEwNjU3OC0wLTAiLCJtdHlfaWQiOjEsImZlZWRTdGF0ZSI6InRyYWQiLCJrZ3NfaWQiOjI1MDR9.IwIJbFfuTtxNck95dzpHmPomns6O-fZp1q-AV3DMSOqsWi4yPkEjZABLBSbp0XQ1aXS7HQ4iJGw0tdE4DQj4DRkdKoRFrselrhHNA70LqcCnVC_KgCGbTW-xNTCfAH_VRTXIoOi-5n1fGgoBQZqOMNK8AXH57xY-hd5iuMvz2Oo

    The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) extended its gains on Tuesday, surging by 204.57 points, or 3.54 percent, to close at 5,987.72 amid continued bargain hunting, boosted by the improvement in the manufacturing sector and the easing o f the 10-year Treasury notes to about 3.583 percent, down from more…

  • RCBC launches pioneer physical-digital banking service

    by: Malaya Business Insight

    source: https://malaya.com.ph/news_business/rcbc-launches-pioneer-physical-digital-banking-service/

    The Department of Finance (DOF) commended the development of the country’s first mobile human-assisted remote banking service that aims to provide banking services to far-flung communities.

    “This pioneering innovation complements the Philippine government’s thrust for digital transformation and aligns it with our Sustainable Development Goals, with financial inclusion being a key enabler in…

  • RCBC launches physical-digital banking service for remote areas

    by: Keisha B. Taasan, BusinessWorld

    source: https://www.bworldonline.com/banking-finance/2022/10/05/478511/rcbc-launches-physical-digital-banking-service-for-remote-areas/

    RIZAL COMMERCIAL Banking Corp. (RCBC) has launched its physical-digital banking service, MoneyBela Barangayan Banking, as part of its financial inclusion drive to cater to unbanked Filipinos in far-flung communities.

    Launched on Monday evening, the country’s first mobile human-assisted remote banking service will be rolled out in 42,000 barangays nationwide, introducing Filipinos in rural…